DY4300 4-Terminal Earth Resistance Testers

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  • 4 pole measurement of earth resistance
  • soil resistivity measurement
  • LCD backlight
Item Range Accuracy Resolution
Earth/Ground Resistance 0Ω ~ 6.99Ω ±(3%+6digits) 0.01Ω
7.9Ω ~ 49.9Ω ±(2%+3digits) 0.1Ω
50Ω ~ 299.5Ω ±(2%+3digits) 0.5Ω
300Ω ~ 1500Ω ±(2%+3digits)
Maximal earth resistance at H-end: Rcmax=(0-100Re) and 50KΩ less value
Maximal ground resistance at S-end: Rpmax=(0-100Re) and 50KΩ less value
Additional measurement error of Rxmac and Rpmax: ±(3%+10digits)
Soil Resistivity 0.00Ωm ~ 99.99Ωm ±(3%+6digits) 0.1Ω
100Ωm ~ 999.9Ωm ±(2%+3digits) 0.1Ω
1000Ωm ~ 9999Ωm ±(2%+3digits)
10KΩm ~ 99.9KΩm ±(2%+3digits) 10Ω
100KΩm ~ 300KΩm ±(2%+3digits) 100Ω
Working LED Indicator yes
Function Symbol Display yes
Low Battery Warning yes
LCD Backight auto
Power Source AA1.5Vx8(UM3)
Product Size 190*155*75 mm
Product net weight approx. 900g
Standard Accessories 4 pole test leads and rods leather case DY2 carry case DY5
Standard individual packing Carry case
Standard Quantity per Carton 5 pcs.
Measurement of Standard Carton 645*360*276mm (0.064 CBM)
Gross weight of Standard Carton 16kgs