Chinese Patent: ZL201610264428.6

Supervised by: Air Ion Committee of the Biophysics Academy of China
Manufactured by: KILTER Electronic Technology Institute

The The DLY's Air Ion counter is designed for measuring the concentration and the mobility of air ion. This instrument incorporates very high sensitivity. So,it can measure very low air ion level;for example, the background level of air ion in the atmosphere. The maximum measuring scale of them can reach up to 3.999109 ions/cm3. These instruments are very effective to measure any types of artificial air ion generator or air purifier. Some model of these instruments can measure and display the positive and nagetive ions simultaneously. Some model of them can work in high humility area. Some model of them can automatically measure both positive and negative air ion concentration,record the test data and work out the variation curve of them by computer.Some of them can measure large,medium and small air ion.As we know It is very important to know the quality of the air by the concentration of them and the rate between large,medium and small ions. This instrument are all important equipment to the people who work in the fields regarding science, medicine, environment protect, education, etc. Hope to have a good experience to serve you.

Air Ion Counter
DLY-10 Unit Time Air Ion Generating Rate Counter
DLY-6N3 Air Ion Counter
DLY-6A3 Air Quality Analyzer
DLY-3 Air Ion Counter
DLY-6EU Air Ion Counter
DLY-6E Air Ion Counter
DLY-6N3U Air Anion Counter
DLY-3B Air Ion Counter
DLY-3G Air Ion Counter (Dehumidity)
DLY-3G(232)Air Ion Counter (Dehumidity,RS232)
DLY-4G(232) Air Ion Counter (Dehumidity,RS232)
DLY-4G Air Ion Counter (Dehumidity)
DLY-5G232 Air Ion Counter (Dehumidity)
DLY-5G Air Ion Counter (Dehumidity)
DLY-5 Air Ion Counter (Two windows Test two polarity air ion simultaneously )
DLY-3G(232)W Air Ion Counter
DLY-6A2 Smart Air Ion Counter
DLY-6A1 Smart Air Ion Counter
KT-401P Mini AIR Ion Tester(test anion ions,peak hold)
KT-401A Mini AIR Ion Tester
KT-401 Mini AIR Ion Tester(test +/- ions)
KT-401H Mini AIR Ion Tester
DLY-6A(232) Air Ion Counter
DLY-6B Air Ion Counter
DLY-7/7G Air Ion Counter (full-automatic intelligent instrument)
DLY-4G(232)W Air Ion Counter
DLY-4 Air Ion Counter (for the small ions)
DLY-2 Air Ion Counter (Test the large,medium,small ions)
DLY-2G Air Ion Counter
DLY-71 Air Ion Mobility Spectrometer