KT-368 Air Purifier


               KT-368                                          Appearance




  • Purify the air effectively and completely
  • Easily remove the dust and bacteria by using
  • high-performance component
  • Operate 24 hours with very few energy
  • Without a motor fan and reach to really quiet
  • Never need to change any filter
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Ion density:≥3×106 ions/cm3
  • Size: 250×180×692mm (KT-368)


1. Place the unit on a level surface such as ground or desk, at least ten inches from the wall.

2. Connect the plug of unit to power supply, press the control button located on top of the unit to rotate through the “HI”, MED”,  LO” or “OFF” settings.

You can select desired power level, the unit will be working at maximum, medium or low output state, or the unit will be turn off. Selected setting is indicated by the light LEDs, but OFF” setting is indicated by the unlighted LEDs.

Clean the outer case

   This unit must be cleaned at least once every week. Unplug the unit before cleaning the machine.  Remove the collecting plates by pulling it from the top of the unit and use a dry or slightly damp cloth or sponge to wipe the dust from each of the three collectingplates.


1 When your hand is wet, do not touch the air purifier.

2 When it is working, do not try to pull out the collecting plates.

3 Do not operate near the flammable or combustible products.

4 Keep this machine away from the heat sources.

5 Never use it as a child toy.