KT-98 Automotive Analyzer

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  • 3 3/4 digits, Max. reading 3999
  • It can be used for the measurement of cell phone,USP and other types of batteries
  • Test the engine temperature
  • Automobile Meter with Tacho, Dwell
  • 4 wire test mode, with all multimeter functions
  • DCV:  0.1mV to 1,000V
  • ACV:  0.1mV to 750V
  • DWELL:  3-4-5-6-8 CYL
  • TACHO:  3-4-5-6-8 CYL
  • DC/ACA:  40 to 400m-10A


Specifications Range Basic Accuracy (%rdg+digits)
0-10,000rpm(rdg×10) 1.5%±50rpm
0 ~120/90/72/60/45(degrees) 1.5%±0.2ο
AC Voltage 400mV ±(1.8%rdg+5)
750V ±(1.0%rdg+3)
AC Current 40mA/400mA ±(2.0%rdg+3)
10(20)A ±(2.5%rdg+5)
DC Voltage 400mV ±(1.0%rdg+2)
1000V ±(0.8%rdg+2)
DC Current 40mA/400mA ±(1.5%rdg+2)
10(20)A ±(2.0%rdg+3)
Capacitance 40nF ±(2.5%rdg+10)
400nF/4µF/40µF ±(2.0%rdg+4)
200µF(100µF) Unspecified,> 30Sec
Resistance 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ ±(1.0%rdg+2)
40MΩ ±(1.5%rdg+2)
Temperature 0~400℃ 1.0%rdg±3d
400~750℃ 2.0%±15d
Diode Display read approx. Forward voltage of diode.Accuracy:3.0%±3d
Continuity If the resistance is less than 80Ω,the beeper sounds continuously
Dimensions 182mm(L) x 86mm(W) x 32mm(H)
Weight 280g
pcs/carton 40
N.W 5.0kg
G.W. 6.0kg
Packing carton size 41 x 33 x 30 cm